Essse Caffe', roasted by the famous Mr. Segafredo, is a delight to every espresso coffee lover and found in 5-star, white tablecloth restaurants. Now, this coffee with the three BIG SSS, is available to you at home.


Why three Ss? The question dates back to 1979 when Essse Caffe' was first sold and when its success story started. The extra "S" states that the company’s concept, philosophy and logic is based on Scienza (Science), Sapienza (Knowledge) and Specializzazione (Specialisation) in the field of espresso coffee.


Even before starting production and sales of coffee, Essse Caffe' Ltd. (once P.A.C.S. of F. Segafredo & C. Ltd.) integrated the company’s previous experience and tradition as a family-run business under the original owners with competent scientific research in collaboration with the Institute of Food Technology at the Faculty of Agriculture of Bologna University.


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ESSSE - 100% Arabica Whole Bean Coffee 1KG
Qualified Blend for Certified Italian Espresso. The quality and persistant flavor of the blend guar..
$42.99 CAD
ESSSE - Bar Blend 1Kg Beans
This blend was created and designed to obtain, even when using automatic equipment, an end product t..
$22.99 CAD
ESSSE - Decaff 1kg Beans
Special blend of decaffeinated coffee whose characteristic body and aroma make the final result as s..
$43.99 CAD
ESSSE - Ideale 1kg Beans
An innovative blend of refined Arabica and Robusta coffees masterly blended with fine decaffeinated ..
$43.99 CAD
ESSSE - Masini 1kg Beans
This masterful combination of rare and extraordinary Arabica and Robusta beans is cycle roasted semi..
$42.99 CAD
ESSSE - Selezione Classica 1kg
A carefully selected blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, for a smooth, well-balanced espresso with a..
$34.49 CAD
ESSSE - Selezione Essse1Kg Beans
A classic Italian Espresso whose body and chocolaty notes stand out thanks to the balanced use of th..
$37.99 CAD
Essse PODS 7g Retail 8 x 18/Box
These individually packed pods are designed for vending and are ideal for offices, small businesses,..
$63.92 CAD
Essse Speciale 1Kg Beans
A high-quality blend of selected Arabica and Robusta beans for a smooth espresso with a well-balance..
$24.99 CAD
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