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The model BZ10 is practical and economic, can be installed anywhere without connections to water supply net, thanks to boiler system with heat exchanger and the practical groups heating system cappuccinos coffee and tea can be produced for a large community. The group is heated by 2 cartridge heating element controlled by a thermostat to maintain a constant temperature.
Works with a vibration pump and delivery groups with solenoid valve.
The group is controlled by a push button, that activate a vibration pump and open the group solenoid valve to delivers coffee, once the desired quantity is reached; by pressing the push-button again, the group stops.
• Electrical heating
• Automatic stopping of electric resistances in case of lack of water in the boiler
• Vibration pump
• Water tank only
• "Heat Exchanger" allows for instant steam.  Also, steam and coffee simultaneously
• Bezzera Group head has two chamber element controlled by a thermostat to maintain consistent temperature and less thermal drift.  Thermal drift is an inconsistency in temperature of water from start to finish of the espresso extraction.  Also, temperature from one shot to the next. The dual element also allows for a faster heat up time then the E61 Group Head
• Professional 58 mm portafilter
• Stainless steel AISI 304 body
• 1.5 litre boiler

Technical data BZ10

   1 GROUP

 Power supply

 V~/Hz   110 - 120 / 50-60     


V~ 120  

 Nominal power 

W 1300  


W 1200  


l 1.5


l 3


mm 250


mm 425


mm 375

 Net weight

kg 19

 Gross weight

kg 22

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