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The new B2013 espresso coffee machines range resumes main BEZZERA’s distinctive marks: reliability, robustness, stainless steel AISI 304 body and neat design.

Absolute versatility: DE electronic dosing, PM semi-automatic dosing and AL lever group versions (1 to 3 groups)

Optionals: all versions can be supplied with gas heating, the DE electronic models can be equipped with the practical Auto-Foamer steam wand.





Thermostatically controlled groups: a 50W electric resistance keeps the group temperature stable, even under heady duty conditions.


Copper boiler: enables the optimum steam and hot water productivity; levels are automatically managed by a control box.


Heat Exchangers: operated with an hydraulic circuit separated from the boiler, coffee is always prepared with fresh water.


Safety: double safety system, guaranteed by the boiler high-temperature cut-off thermostat and the hydraulic overpressure valve.


Robustness: B2013 body is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 (14301).


Versatility: the large working area and the special grids allow to use up to 13 cm high cups.

B2013  DE and PM version are equipped with built-in volumetric motor pump connected directly to the water main.



In PM semi-automatic version, coffee dosing is operated by a on/off push button which activates the pump and a solenoid valve to start the coffee flow.



In DE electronic version, a control box manages the coffee dosing programmed by the user; you may programme 4 different coffee doses for each group.

With the optional Auto-Foamer steam wand, the user is always able to achieve a perfect milk froth at the correct temperature by simply pushing a button.



USER FRIENDLY MACHINE, can be operated without electrical power, as the pressure for the preparation of coffee is produced by the lever system.



• Painted steel plate body and satined stainless steel (AISI 304).

• Copper hydraulic system.

• Optional automatic filling of the boiler.

• Gas (GPL or natural) and electric heating.

Technical data B2013 DE/PM

 Power supply  V~/Hz  110 - 120 / 50-60Hz
 Resistance   V~ 110
 Nominal power W 1600 2850 3300
 Resistance W 1400 2600 3000
 Power supply V~/Hz  220 - 400 / 50-60 Hz
 Resistance               V~ 230
 Nominal power W 2200 3250 5300
 Resistance               W 2000 3000 5000
 Boiler 11  17 
 Width mm 570 750 960
 Depth mm 550 550 550
 Height mm 515 515 515
 Net weight kg 49 63 75
 Gross weight (pallet)   kg 56 72 87
 Load connection   G 3/8"
 Drain connection   G 3/4"


Technical data B2013 AL

 Power supply  V~/Hz  110 - 120 / 50-60Hz
 Resistance   V~ 110
 Resistance W 1400 2600 3000
 Power supply V~/Hz  220 - 400 / 50-60 Hz
 Resistance               V~ 230
 Resistance               W 2000 4920 5000
 Boiler 11  17 
 Width mm 490 670 850
 Depth mm 495 495 495
 Height mm 520 520 520
 Hight max mm 780 780 780
 Net weight kg 42 56 84
 Gross weight (pallet)   kg 52 70 92
 Load connection   G 3/8"
 Drain connection   G 3/4"

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