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FREE SHIPPING in Canada on orders of $69+ *remote areas excluded


Gaggia Accademia Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Accademia is a super-automatic machine that brews and steams espresso and milk-based drinks at the push of a button. It offers control over the flow of coffee and frothiness of milk, plus a manual steam wand to ensure every single drink is exactly the way you like it.


  • ONE-TOUCH: Accademia brews 7 different coffee and milk-based beverages at one-touch!
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Through the beverage menu you can manage and customize the available beverages as you prefer. Depending on the drink, you can choose aroma, body and temperature of coffee, coffee and/or milk length, the pre-brewing level and adjust the milk froth.
  • INTEGRATED MILK CARAFE & AUTO CLEANING: The integrated milk carafe froths the milk twice to remove all bubbles and impurities. The result? A perfect froth, always at the perfect temperature to make flawless cappuccinos and other milk-based drinks. When engaged, the automatic cleaning thoroughly cleans the milk circuit without the need to empty the carafe.
  • ADJUSTABLE MILK FOAM: For each milk-based beverage you can select from 4 options and save the frothing level, from hot milk to a steady and velvety foam.
  • COLOR INTERFACE: The interface and the intuitive color display are well thought out to give you a unique and improved experience.
  • OPTIAROMA: This feature gives you the unique option of personalizing the intensity and flavour of your espresso. Create a custom-made result by choosing from any of 5 different quantity of ground coffee per cup options.
  • 100% CERAMIC ADJUSTABLE GRINDERS: The resistant 100% ceramic grinders extract the purest essence from coffee beans, preventing overheating and burning. This guarantees a long-lasting machine life, silence and the best cup of coffee every time. Select one of 8 options to customize your espresso, from the finest grind for a strong taste, to the coarsest for a lighter coffee.
  • ESPRESSO PLUS SYSTEM: Discover a wide array of tastes at the simple twist of a knob: turn it right for a luxurious thick crema layer and a full-bodied espresso, or turn it left for a smoother and lighter flavor.
  • GROUND COFFEE OPTION: Complimentary to the coffee beans option, the ground coffee option provides an easy solution to brew different ground coffee blends, included decaffeinated.
  • MILK CIRCUIT CLEAN BUTTON: This option allows you to execute, a quick milk circuit cleaning whenever you want.
  • ACTIVE CUP WARMER: The integrated cup plate provides pre-warmed coffee cups. Pre-warming a cup will ensure your Espresso stays hot for longer.
  • DOUBLE BOILER: The two boilers reduce the wait time between brewing your espresso and dispensing steam to froth milk.
  • REMOVABLE BREW GROUP: Easy cleaning and maintenance with the removable brew group that can be washed under the tap and re-inserted with ease. This allows for a thorough cleaning of the machine.
  • DESIGNED AND MADE IN ITALY: Guarantee of premium quality and a neverending passion for the art of espresso making.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BODYWORK: The elegant and modern design of Accademia, finished with an anti-touch stainless steel frontal panel, makes it perfect for every kitchen.
  • WARRANTY: 1 year manufacturer warranty.

    • Water Tank Capacity: 1.6 L
    • Dimensions: 385 x 282 x 428 mm
    • Weight: 17 kg
    • Power: 1500W
    • Volts: 110/120V
    • Model Number: 91100