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0% Financing on orders over $300! November 23rd - January 2nd Exclusive!
0% Financing on orders over $300! November 23rd - January 2nd Exclusive!



TASTE molasses, spiced cake, dried fruits








Every year we create and roast by hand a special blend to echo the flavours of the fall season – spiced cake, molasses, and dried fruits. Specialty coffees from Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea, and Sumatra bring a world coffee view to this festive party in a cup.

Roaster Notes

It’s a coffee that we’ve roasted for several years and is our most popular seasonal coffee.

The Indonesian coffee in this seasonal blend, from Sumatra, responds well to the more developed roasting. In this case, earthy notes from Sumatra’s wet hulled processing offer up a generously rounded and full body.

The Costa Rica in addition has well developed notes of nougat, sweet mandarin and milk chocolate

The third addition, Papua New Guinea, is a washed (wet processed) coffee. Our PNG selection has a savoury, spicy note that adds a welcoming warmth to the mix.

The fuller, richer, roasted tastes of comfort foods are more appealing as the season turns cooler.

Think about beer; porters and stouts are more popular in winter. Fall foods like pumpkin and apple pies with cinnamon and other warming spices. Richer foods like stews and roasts make their way onto our tables.

Our target for this coffee is like a sticky toffee pudding, molasses and spice combining with a subtle dried fruit note on top to add complexity.

You can really imagine having this coffee with a slice of pumpkin pie, or a little slice of Grandma’s fruit cake.

That’s our aim. You could even indulge yourself with a little whipped cream to top off this coffee!

The only let down? This coffee is only available until January 1st.

So we’ll enjoy it while it lasts!