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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders over $69* - Save on ALL Philips Espresso Machines


The Lelit William LEPL71 - Sleek and Modern

The Lelit William LEPL71 is a high-end espresso machine designed for serious coffee enthusiasts and professionals who want to take their coffee game to the next level. This Italian-made machine is packed with features and advanced technology to ensure that you can achieve the perfect shot of espresso every time. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the Lelit William LEPL71 and what makes it so special.

Design and Build Quality The Lelit William LEPL71 boasts a sleek and modern design with a stainless steel body and a polished finish. It has a relatively small footprint, which means it won't take up too much space on your kitchen counter. The build quality of this machine is exceptional, and it's clear that Lelit has paid close attention to every detail in its construction.

Features and Technology One of the most notable features of the Lelit William LEPL71 is its dual boiler system. This means that the machine has two separate boilers for brewing and steaming, which allows you to do both simultaneously without any drop in temperature or pressure. This feature is especially useful for those who make a lot of milk-based drinks, as it allows you to steam the milk while brewing the espresso.

The machine also has a PID temperature controller, which ensures that the water temperature is precise and consistent. This is essential for brewing high-quality espresso, as the water temperature can significantly affect the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

Another impressive feature of the Lelit William LEPL71 is its programmable shot timer. This allows you to control the length of your shot, so you can consistently pull the perfect shot every time. Additionally, the machine has a pre-infusion function, which saturates the coffee grounds before brewing, resulting in a more even extraction and better flavor.

Ease of Use Despite its advanced features, the Lelit William LEPL71 is relatively easy to use, thanks to its intuitive interface and straightforward controls. The machine has a large, easy-to-read display that shows the current temperature, shot time, and other essential information. It also has a convenient lever for switching between the brewing and steaming modes.

Maintenance and Cleaning Like all espresso machines, the Lelit William LEPL71 requires regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it in good working condition. Fortunately, this machine is relatively easy to clean, with a removable drip tray and water tank. The group head and steam wand are also easy to clean, thanks to their high-quality materials and smooth surfaces.

Conclusion Overall, the Lelit William LEPL71 is an exceptional espresso machine that's well-suited for serious coffee enthusiasts and professionals. Its advanced features, including the dual boiler system, PID temperature controller, and programmable shot timer, make it a highly versatile machine that can produce consistently high-quality espresso. And with its sleek design and easy-to-use interface, the Lelit William LEPL71 is sure to impress both visually and functionally.

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