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Elevate Your Home Barista Game: Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Espresso Machine - Anthony's Espresso

Elevate Your Home Barista Game: Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Espresso Machine

Unlock the Secrets to Making Café-Quality Espresso at Home

Imagine the luxury of making your own cafe-quality espresso beverages and coffee in your home! Whether you want the comfort of a latte at the push of a button or want a barista-like experience, Anthony’s Espresso has the right espresso coffee machine for you.

 Espresso beverages are inextricably associated with cafes and the Italian style of drinking coffee. To make legendary coffee and espresso-based milk beverages, you must have specialized equipment, basic knowledge, and experience. So, which espresso coffee machine should you choose to become a home barista? Well, picking out the right equipment can be challenging, and new models are being introduced in the market every day in various price ranges.

In this blog, we at Anthony’s Espresso will help you choose the best espresso machine in Canada and everything you should consider before making an informed decision.

Five Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buying an Espresso Machine

  1. What is the overall budget for the machine and grinder?
  2. What type of drinks do you prefer? Big lattes? Small cappuccinos? Americanos?
  3. How many drinks are you planning to make at a time?
  4. What are the dimensions of the space where you plan to install your machine?
  5. Which are your favourite cafes?

Essential Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting Your Dream Espresso Coffee Machine


There are two common mistakes that new espresso enthusiasts make with their budget. They tend to under-allocate the money to a grinder and usually overbuy the espresso machine. Well, there are several exquisite machines that are sizeable dual boiler machines, and we understand that your purchase is part function and part form. There is definitely a degree of kitchen art in these intricate pieces. We aim to replicate high-end cafe performance at home while balancing space and aesthetics.

Types of Drinks

We offer only exceptional equipment that we would buy for ourselves. Nevertheless, not many people can steam 16 oz lattes properly. Anthony’s Espresso makes sure that your machine matches your morning routine. If you like large milk drinks, we recommend a dual boiler or heat exchanger machine unless you make only one drink at a time. However, a single boiler machine will do an excellent job if you prefer Americanos or straight espressos.


How frequently do you use your espresso coffee machine? Are you buying it for a single morning cup, or are you planning to use it throughout the day for multiple drinks? Will you be entertaining family and friends and need to make back-to-back beverages?

For a single morning drink, a small dual boiler or single boiler will be enough. However, a large dual boiler machine should be your go-to option if you want to make multiple drinks during the day, for instance, two 12 oz lattes in the morning and two cortados in the daytime.

Kitchen Space

Get over to your ideal spot and grab a measuring tape. The question is whether you have cabinet clearance constraints for your grinder or espresso machine. Although many customers work around this, it is undoubtedly a necessary consideration. Whether you plan to plumb your machine now or later is also equally important.

Selection of Your Grinder

The most crucial part of the selection process is to choose the right grinder. The most common misconception is which grinder would go well with your machine. Well, it is not the machine it needs to pair perfectly with. Visit your favourite cafe and ask what type of grinder they use. The brand is not as essential as the burr type and size. This will give you an idea of what home grinder can replicate those flavours for you.


The boiler is the heart of the coffee machine that contains steam and hot water. The higher its capacity, the better the performance and temperature stability of the coffee machine. Espresso coffee machines are generally built into three technologies: single boiler, double boiler, and heat exchanger. This offers successively higher possibilities and is also an indicator of the price.

Temperature Control

Water temperature is among the key parameters that influence coffee extraction. Its stability and setting are highly desirable not only because of the quality of the espresso but also the convenience of use.

General Parameters

The previous points are definitive for the class of the device, its functionality, and the quality of the espresso. But it does not end there. Other factors are also to be considered once you have chosen a specific combination of a temperature control and boiler system. Pump, thermal insulation of boilers, the size of the brewing group, water connection, steam wand, and programmable doses also must be considered.

Unleash Your Inner Barista and Enjoy Café-Quality Espresso at Home with the Perfect Espresso Machine from Anthony's Espresso! Shop Now to Find Your Dream Machine.

Anthony’s Espresso has made it possible to make cafe-style espresso in the comfort of your home. The quality will certainly depend a lot on your budget and requirements. The better the coffee machine and grinder, the more flavour you will get from the same beans. Keep in mind that the grinder determines the course of extraction and is the best starting point for your home cafe setup.

We offer a wide range of espresso machines in Toronto that are available to fit every budget. So, if you want to buy an espresso machine in Canada, Anthony’s Espresso is definitely the place for you. Shop now!

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