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Summer Savings - July 4th to July 18th - UP TO 30% OFF!


The Ceado E37S Grinder - Anthony's Espresso

The Ceado E37S Grinder

The Ceado E37S is a high-end, commercial-grade espresso grinder that is designed to deliver consistent, precise, and efficient grinding performance. With its sleek and modern design, the E37S is a standout addition to any coffee shop or home espresso setup.

One of the standout features of the E37S is its powerful, 1,100-watt motor, which allows it to grind coffee beans quickly and efficiently. The motor is also equipped with a thermal protection system, which helps to prevent overheating and ensures consistent performance.

In terms of grinding performance, the E37S is equipped with conical steel burrs that are designed to deliver precise and consistent particle size. The burrs can be easily adjusted using the stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment system, which allows for fine-tuning of the grind setting to suit different coffee brewing methods and preferences.

The E37S also boasts a large hopper capacity, with a capacity of 2.2 pounds of coffee beans. This allows for continuous grinding without the need for frequent refills, making it a convenient choice for busy coffee shops.

One of the key benefits of the E37S is its reliability and durability. The grinder is built to withstand heavy use in a commercial setting, with a solid and sturdy construction that is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.

In terms of user-friendliness, the E37S is easy to operate and maintain. It has a clear and intuitive LCD display that shows the grind setting and dosage, as well as a built-in timer that allows for precise dosing. The grinder also has a convenient lockable grinding chamber, which makes it easy to remove and clean the burrs.

Overall, the Ceado E37S is a top-performing espresso grinder that delivers consistent and precise grinding performance. It is an excellent choice for coffee shops and home espresso enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable and high-quality grinder that can handle heavy use and deliver excellent results.

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