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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders over $69* - Father's Day Sale June 7th- 20th!
Free Shipping in Canada on Orders over $69* - Father's Day Sale June 7th- 20th!


The Original Coffee Sensor - Thermometer for E61 Grouphead

A must-have accessory for all Heat Exchanger or single boiler E61 group head espresso machine users. The coffee sensor's digital thermometer will perfect your espresso shots brewed on your espresso machine as close or better than double boiler espresso machines.

This E61 digital thermometer is designed to help you be in control of the temperature of the actual brew water that flows through the E61 Grouphead while its sleek design will elevate the look of your espresso machine to another level.

Whether it is installed on your Double Boiler espresso machine, HX or single boiler machine equipped with E61 Grouphead, the digital thermometer is the best tool to help you perfect your espresso shots.

Knowing the exact temperature of the water as they flow just before hitting the coffee grounds helps in perfecting your shots while adding lots more consistency. This consistency is highly sought after by most users of Heat Exchange Espresso Machines.

Common practices used by HX espresso machine users are either running a "blank shot" just before brewing or a quick "cooling flush" to stabilize the temperature or pressure at the group. This advanced thermometer will assist you in preventing the need for a blank shot and in determining and controlling the amount of cooling flush that may be required.