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FREE SHIPPING In Canada On Orders Of $69+ *Remote Areas Excluded


This is Essse Caffé’s top of the range product and one of the best sellers in Italy. High percentage of Arabica (Central and South America, Ethiopia) with fruity and flowery taste, very full bodied. As with every Essse Caffé blend in their catalogue, the coffee beans are mixed before roasting and it has no more than 10 different origins inside. What is great about this blend, is the persistency of the taste, Essse Caffé work all year round to ensure you have always the same taste, even though the selected green beans from same plantation could change, due to different conditions in weather from crop to crop.

Retail Name Masini
Brand Essse
SKU 8001953302014
Weight 1kg
Type of Packaging bagged
Arabica/Robusta 90/10
Aroma 10
Flavour 9
Acidity 8
Sweetness 9
Bitterness 3
Body 8.5
Roast Location Italy
Crema Results* 7
Decaffeinated NO