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FREE SHIPPING In Canada On Orders Of $69+ *Remote Areas Excluded
FREE SHIPPING In Canada On Orders Of $69+ *Remote Areas Excluded


The Sette 270 offers simplicity in the dialling process to bring out complex notes. Easy to find the perfect grind setting for any brew method or to change your morning coffee game for something completely different at the drop of the hat, it’s sure to fit every mood.

Baratza started with a simple mission in 1999. They wanted to provide high-quality grinders to ensure the coffee is being freshly ground for optimal performance and enjoyment. Over 20 years since the creation of their first grinder, they are known for their innovations in home coffee grinding for easy-to-replicate grinding and dosing.

The Sette series are multipurpose grinders designed with espresso in mind. Smartly named, there’s a clear number 7 design inspiration. From the fine-tuning to the low retention design, it’s the espresso enthusiast's dream. At the price point, no other grinder is going to offer the same timer ability for shot consistency. The Sette 270 is equipped with three programmable grind timers that can be set to 0.01 seconds when under 10 seconds and 0.1 seconds when over 10 seconds.

In keeping true to Baratza’s mission, the Sette is incredibly easy to repair and maintain with accessible, affordable parts and a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.

Our Assessment

Ease of use - moderate.
Size - small.
Best used for - espresso.
Also used for - all other brew methods
Serviceability - excellent.

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