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Summer Savings - July 4th to July 18th - UP TO 30% OFF!


Anthony's Espresso Top 5 -Whole Bean Coffee Best Sellers - Bellacaff 1kg Whole

Click here the Decaffeinated version

Just the right combination of Arabica and Robusta beans, Bellacaff is a medium roast espresso with a decent crema, medium acidity and an overall pleasant aroma & after-taste.
Popular with customers wanting a balanced espresso.

Brewing Method
Specifically roasted for Super-automatic Espresso Machines, but can also be used for percolators, manual & stove top espresso makers & drip coffee makers; ground to its required grind setting.

Medium Roast
Being a medium roasted coffee bean, its surface is not oily, which is ideal for your grinder as it wont clog up as very oily coffee beans do. (darker roasted/flavoured coffee is oily)

Roasting Frequency
One of the best features to this coffee (aside from the great taste) is it's always roasted fresh! As we are able to control the volume of Bellacaff we roast at once, our coffee department will have Bellacaff roasted WEEKLY, to ensure you get the best quality output from this blend. We base this volume on historical figures and in very rare cases, can sell out for the week! Our bags are packaged with a resealable zipper to help maintain that freshness after its been opened. It also is made with a one way valve, that will release the natural gases that extract from the coffee, but at the same time will prevent air from entering the bag.

Store coffee in a cool dry place, like the bottom area of your pantry. Never in a freezer/fridge as the moisture can affect the output, flavour and


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Retail Name Bellacaff
Brand Anthony's Espresso
SKU 873942001080
Weight 1kg
Type of Packaging Resealable bag
Aroma 6
Flavour 6
Acidity 4
Sweetness 5
Bitterness 6
Body 7
Roast Location Canada
Crema Results* 8
Decaffeinated NO