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FREE SHIPPING In Canada On Orders Of $69+ *Remote Areas Excluded


Bristot TIZIANO Medium Blend Coffee Whole Beans - 1kg

by Bristot
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NEW 2022 PACKAGIING - Bristot TIZIANO 2.2 Lbs (1 kg) coffee bean bag - Fine quality Arabica and Robusta Grand Cru. Origin: A blend of fine quality, Brazilian and central American Grand Cru arabica coffee, enrichened with a hint of the spiced and full-bodied flavor of the Indian Robusta coffees. Characteristics: A great character and a refined aromatic taste.

Tasting notes A surprisingly well-balanced blend, distinguished by a refined and intense aroma, full-bodied with spicy and tropical fruit notes and a round mellow flavor. A perfect balance between strength, aroma, and acidity.

  • Coffee Strength: 7 out 10 (10 being strongest)
  • Medium espresso coffee blend
  • The blend is a tasty blend of arabica and robusta beans.
  • 2.2 lb - 1000 gram (1 kg) vacuum sealed bags
  • Imported from Italy
Retail Name Bristot TIZIANO Medium Blend
Brand Bristot
SKU 8001681011127
Weight 1kg
Type of Packaging Resealable bag
Aroma 7
Flavour 3
Acidity 7
Sweetness 5
Bitterness 7
Body 7
Roast Location Canada
Crema Results* 5
Decaffeinated NO