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Free shipping on orders within Canada over $69*


  • Blend of Asian and African Robusta with a strong, well-defined temperament, softened by the presence of Arabica to bring out its aromatic qualities. This coffee provides the perfect energy boost
  • 45% Arabica 55% Robusta
  • Intensity - 9
  • Each pack consists of 10 single-dose capsules containing 8 grams of roasted and ground coffee, made in Italy
  • Made for Caffitaly system machines
Retail Name Caffitaly Ecaffe Forte Corposo Coffee, 10 Count
Brand Caffitaly
SKU 004
Weight 10 Count
Type of Packaging Capsules
Aroma 8
Flavour 9
Acidity 3
Sweetness 6
Bitterness 5
Body 9
Roast Location Canada
Crema Results* 7