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Free shipping on orders within Canada over $69*


From the Best Origins series,

One of our all-time favourites, this coffee is incredibly balanced, offering a sweet taste, silky crema, dense body and intense aroma with notes of dark chocolate.

The character and elegance of this 100% Arabica Single Origin coffee is the brilliant result of the careful selection and roasting process of the best coffee beans growing in the unique climate of Mexico’s Puebla highlands.

100% Arabica

Intensity: 7/10


Retail Name Caffitaly - MESSICO 10 Count
Brand Caffitaly
SKU 8032680752520
Weight 10 Count
Type of Packaging Capsules
Aroma 7
Flavour 3
Acidity 7
Sweetness 5
Bitterness 3
Body 7
Roast Location Canada
Crema Results* 6
Decaffeinated NO