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Free shipping on orders within Canada over $69*
Free shipping on orders within Canada over $69*


They say life imitates art, and here at ESPRO we believe your morning coffee should be no different. Our Toroid Frothing Pitcher makes it easier than ever to make barista-level microfoam so that you can create latte art that moves you (and tastes good too!)

  • EASY FOAM EVERY TIME: Do you believe in magic? Simply point your milk frothing wand at the center of the pitcher and watch your milk turn into micro-foam.
  • SPOIL YOUR TASTE BUDS: Our pitcher's wide bell shape helps liquid circulate more freely resulting in creamier, shinier, and tastier steamed milk.
  • SCULPTED SPOUT: Latte art doesn't have to be complicated. Our pitcher's pointed spout helps you pour more precisely for more complex, detailed art.
  • EASY MEASURING SYSTEM: Etched fill lines inside the pitcher help you reduce milk waste and make measuring a breeze.
  • FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE: Our frothing pitcher comes in two sizes so that you can decide which accessory best fits your caffeine routine.
  • DURABLE CRAFTSMANSHIP: Made of durable stainless steel, our scratch and dent resistant frothing pitcher is designed to keep your lattes topped with delicious micro foam for years to come.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Made in China