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Free shipping on orders within Canada over $69*


GRAN CREMA Essse Caffè

1000g bag of beans

30% Arabica - 70% Robusta

Gran Crema - for this masterful blend, the name is a guarantee and speaks for itself.

The hand-picked Robusta beans from Tanzania not only give a special "kick" in the cup, but also an incomparably thick, nutty cream. The sugar stays on the cream for a long time and is only absorbed very slowly. Simply a dream.

The Gran Crema is initially imposing, with chocolate and spicy notes. As it spreads in the mouth, it develops berry aromas from the South American Arabica beans.

A round, low-acid coffee that is second to none. Gran Crema is best enjoyed as a simple espresso or as a base for milk-based creations such as Cappuccino & Co. An espresso machine (portafilter) is ideal for this. But this coffee is also very good when ground in a moka coffee maker or frenchpress.