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Summer Savings - July 4th to July 18th - UP TO 30% OFF!
Summer Savings - July 4th to July 18th - UP TO 30% OFF!


Coffee Strength, body and bitterness bar

10 Pods - $0.75 CAD / Pod



Are you in search of a coffee experience that truly packs a punch? Do you crave the rich, bold flavours that only an extra-strong coffee blend can provide? Our Invigo Double Strong Coffee Pods might just be your perfect match. These extraordinary coffee capsules offer your taste buds a thrilling and intense experience. Made from the highest quality coffee beans handpicked from the best farms around the globe, our Double Strong Pods are created for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate a strong, robust cup.

Invigo Double Strong Coffee Pods encapsulate the deep, robust flavour of meticulously selected coffee beans, doubling the intensity for those who crave a full-bodied coffee experience. Our experts spend countless hours perfecting the blend to ensure it hits the right notes. This coffee pod perfectly balances a rich aroma and a strong, distinctive taste. At Invigo Coffee, we appreciate your desire for a comprehensive coffee experience. Thus, with each sip of our Double Strong capsule, you can expect an intense aroma that will enthrall and stimulate your senses.

The Invigo Double Strong Coffee Pods are a potent blend designed for true coffee aficionados. They deliver a strong coffee flavour that's unmistakable but never overwhelming. This means you can enjoy the invigorating effects of double the strength while savouring our select coffee beans' complex, rich notes.

How do you enjoy your coffee? The Invigo Double Strong Coffee Pods cater to all coffee moments - from the early morning rush to a well-deserved afternoon break. Energize your mornings with a cup brewed from our Double Strong pod or add an extra dose of vigour to your afternoon with this invigorating blend. The intense aroma of these coffee pods will undoubtedly inject some extra zest into your day.

Our Invigo Double Strong Coffee Pods are packaged to preserve their top-notch quality. A thorough packaging process ensures our unique coffee pods maintain their perfect condition, even during delivery. Embark on a thrilling taste journey today. Experience the vibrancy and excitement of a cup of coffee made with our Double Strong capsule. If you're a lover of strength and intensity in your coffee, Invigo Double Strong Coffee Pods are crafted just for you.