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Summer Savings - July 4th to July 18th - UP TO 30% OFF!
Summer Savings - July 4th to July 18th - UP TO 30% OFF!


Coffee Strength, body and bitterness bar


10 Pods - $0.75 CAD / Pod


Are you a fan of the sweet, buttery aroma of hazelnuts? Do you love the way that subtle nutty taste melds with the robustness of coffee? Invigo's Nespresso Hazelnut Coffee Pods for the Original Nespresso machines masterfully combine these to provide you with a truly delightful coffee experience. These unique coffee capsules offer a completely indulgent adventure for your taste buds. They are created using top-notch coffee beans sourced from the best farms worldwide. Our specialists carefully hand-pick ripe coffee cherries, which are then transformed into the delightful coffee beans that make up our hazelnut blend.

Invigo Hazelnut Coffee Pods pair the intense aroma of select coffee beans with the creamy, rich flavor of premium hazelnuts. Our experts invest time in choosing the perfect hazelnut flavor to enhance your coffee moment. This coffee pod achieves a harmonious balance of aroma and taste. At Invigo Coffee, we understand your craving for that complete coffee experience. As such, beyond the creamy nuttiness of this coffee capsule, you can anticipate an explosion of enticing aroma that will mesmerize and captivate your senses.

The Invigo Hazelnut Coffee Pods are the perfect fusion of coffee and hazelnut flavors. It's a smooth blend that presents a hazelnut taste that is pleasingly noticeable but not overpowering. This means you can enjoy the soothing effects of hazelnuts while soaking up the rich, deep notes of our select coffee beans.

How do you like your coffee? The Invigo Hazelnut Coffee Pods for the original Nespresso machines are perfect for any time and any occasion. Start your day with a mug brewed with that perfect Nespresso coffee pod or boost your afternoons with the invigorating scent of this unique Hazelnut blend. The aroma of these coffee pods will bring a touch of joy to your steps.

Our Invigo Hazelnut Coffee Pods are packaged to retain peak freshness. We use a meticulous packaging process to ensure that our distinctive coffee pods remain in pristine condition, even through the delivery process. Indulge your senses today. Relish in the calm and warmth brought by a cup of coffee made with our hazelnut capsule. Experience the satisfying fusion of smooth coffee and the sweet, buttery hint of hazelnuts with Invigo Hazelnut Coffee Pods for Nespresso Original machines.