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Cremespresso Espresso Dessert Mixture [Case Of 8]

by Lavazza
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Cremespresso is the tasty recipe that combines the Lavazza espresso coffee and the soft pleasure of milk and cream to create a cool and creamy specialty espresso dessert that anyone would enjoy!
The perfect espresso dessert addition to any menu! If you own a slush machine, the options are endless! See below for some useful recipes:
Each bag yield 40 servings

Classic Cremespresso
Use a whisk to dissolve the contents of the packet, the Cremespresso recipe mixture, in 6 cups of full fat milk.
Add 2 cups of heavy cream and 15 espresso coffees.
Carefully mix to prevent lumps from forming.
Pour the mixture into a slush machine and cool for 45 minutes. Enough for around 40 servings.

Espresso Cremespresso
Prepare a hot espresso and top with Cremespresso until the cup is full.
Decorate with a sprinkle of ground coffee and sugar.

Milky Cremespresso
Fill half of the cup with Cremespresso and top up with chilled Lavazza frothy milk.
Garnish with a sprinkle of cocoa.

Flavoured Cremespresso
Add a portion of Flavored syrup
Mix with a teaspoon, fill with Cremespresso and decorate the surface with a chocolate topping