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Free shipping on orders within Canada over $69*


The Lavazza Tierra Colombia Espresso beans have an Aromatic harmony and a smooth taste, exalted by the typical sweetness, with a refined acidity and rich body. Hints of tropical fruits combined with the scent of lime zest and jasmine flowers, with a sweet liqueur aftertaste. Roasting is long, delicate and “gentle”, thanks to the traditional drum method which preserves aromas and guarantees a lingering flavour.

Retail Name Tierra Colombia
Brand Lavazza 
SKU 8000070017412
Weight 1kg
Type of Packaging bagged
Arabica/Robusta 100
Acidity 7
Sweetness 8
Bitterness 4
Body 5
Roast Location Italy
Crema Results* 6
Decaffeinated NO