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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders over $69* - Commercial Espresso Machines Available
Free Shipping in Canada on Orders over $69* - Commercial Espresso Machines Available



  • In the newest V3 version there are quicker warm-up times, an electronic low-flow mode that simulates profiles without manually moving the paddle. Plus four new power modes: always on, sleep mode, eco-mode, and stand-by mode. 

    Previous upgrades:
  • Ability to disable steam boiler with one simple touch
  • Display steam boiler temperature 
  • Increased max steam boiler temperature for faster, better milk foam
  • Instant stand-by mode by holding both PID buttons for 3 seconds
  • Ability to turn economy mode on/off
  • Ability to switch to and from standby mode
  • Display when water reservoir is empty
  • True boiler temperature view by pressing the right PID button
  • Shot timer now displays for 20 seconds after end of extraction
  • Premium 58mm tamper included with purchase 
  • Displaying real coffee extraction temperature 

Lelit welcomes their newest double boiler machine, Bianca PL162T V3. The latest addition to the family the Lelit Bianca has some of the best technology, new and improved quick warm-up time, and visually appealing functional aesthetics. The machine includes a PID double boiler geared toward those looking to experiment with pressure profiling seeking the Holy Grail, also a functional wooden paddle that sits on top of the E61 group head that allows for pressure adjustment.

The water tank on the Lelit Bianca can be repositioned to fit either one of the three sides of the machine which allows for versatility. You can also opt-out of the tank and have the Bianca be directly plumbed in. Lelit has really created a masterpiece with the Lelit Bianca PL162t V3 model, rivaling other competing brands and surpassing in quality and functionality.