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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders over $69* - Commercial Espresso Machines Available


Nuova Simonelli Appia Life - 2 Group Compact - Volumetric w/ Easy Cream - White Pearl

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$9,250.00 - $9,250.00
Current price $9,250.00
Color: Red

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life, based on the time-tested Appia, is ideal for those wanting excellent performance and reliability, but now with a lower profile, improved features, and easier serviceability. And Appia Life delivers a 13% energy savings, and a 20% less environmental impact (based on an independent Life Cycle Assessment analysis).

Though still lower-priced, Appia Life has a new design, improved brew groups & shot control buttons.

The Volumetric Series allows baristas to program 4 espresso shot volumes per group (single/double/short/long), thereby pulling shots at that exact volume every time with the touch of a button. Shots are more consistent between users and – because the barista doesn’t have to monitor the espresso – there is more time to focus on steaming, interact with customers, or begin another order. Volumetrics also allow for an EasyCream option.

The EasyCream Automatic Micro-Foaming System replaces the manual steam handle with a button. Once pressed, the modified wand steams in a unique angular direction while monitoring the temperature with an integrated probe, so it knows:

  • when to start & stop injecting air for perfect microfoam,
  • and when to stop steaming for standardized milk temperature.

EasyCream requires no input from the barista to perfectly texture the milk; the barista simply places the wand in the pitcher of cold milk and when it reaches the desired (programmed) temperature the steam automatically turns off, leading to a consistent drink, regardless of the skill level of the barista.


Specifications Details
Height 50cm
Width 40cm
Depth 54.5cm
Body Stainless Steel with ABS
Boiler Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Size 5L
Boiler Type Volumetric
Colour White, Red or Black
Cool Touch Steam Wand Optional
Insulated Boiler Yes
Manufacturer Nuova Simonelli
Number Of Boilers 1
Number of Groups 1
Remote Control No