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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders over $69* - Save on ALL Philips Espresso Machines



VARIETY catuai

ELEVATION 1000 masl

TASTE roasted hazelnut, chocolate, caramel






The Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil is a world recognized high quality coffee producing origin – the first “Designation of Origin” in Brazil, located in northwest of Minas Gerais State.

The characteristic cup quality of chocolate with citric acidity is perceived well in espresso turning to roasted hazelnut, full body, and a long chocolate finish. The fruit notes become more pronounced in lower concentration brews such as Aeropress and pour-over. This is a versatile coffee.  If you prefer a medium to low acidity coffee, give this one a try.

The brothers Jeferson Júnior Rossi and Luis Alberto Rossi continue the legacy started by their father Alberto Rossi. A descendant of Italians, Alberto was born in Espirito Santo, where he worked on coffee estates.  In 1986, he aimed to establish himself in the new agricultural Region of Cerrado Mineiro.  From his first visit, he acquired property in the Region, with 20 ha of coffee in production.

The biggest challenge was to adapt his coffee knowledge to a new region. From this base, the Rossi family acquired other properties and increased the area with coffee. Today the Rossi family has 440 ha of coffee in production. Jeferson and Luis Alberto are at the forefront of their family estates and, motivated by their passion for coffee cultivation and family history, follow the work of their father Alberto Laércio Rossi and his grandfather Alberto Rossi.

With the objective of producing high quality coffees, they seek to harvest and collect coffee with maximum efficiency, and maintain rigidly high standards in crop management and post harvest processing and drying.

Paubrasil is named for Brazil’s national tree and exemplifies the consistent quality created by Brazil’s seasoned farmers, who use all available technologies to advance production by growing coffees that offer balanced, smooth profiles, despite the challenge of changing environmental conditions.


110g of medium ground coffee (Grind #6.5 on EK43)

2.5L 86 degree water

Brew time 4 minutes