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FREE SHIPPING In Canada On Orders Of $69+ *Remote Areas Excluded


Owning the Rocket Espresso Faustino Grinder

The Rocket Espresso Faustino is a fashionably small grinder with simple functionality that won't get in the way of grinding for espresso. This is one of the smallest grinders we've had the opportunity to test and yet it has the performance a good espresso deserves. The star feature boasted by the Faustino is its stepless micrometric adjustments, giving it nearly unlimited grind settings to play with. The 50 mm steel burrs can be adjusted with the micrometric adjustment knob near the hopper which moves only the bottom burr when adjusting the grind setting. In short, this means that you won't have to readjust your grind setting after cleaning the burrs and grinding chamber. Plus, the Rocket Faustino is equipped with anti-vibration technology that allows it to grind quietly (very quietly). Even though it's smaller than Rocket’s Macinatore Fausto grinder, the Faustino has just as large of a hopper that can hold up to 1.5 pounds of beans.

A small touchscreen display keeps everything neat and simple with the option to choose between a single dose, double dose, or manual dosing. Visually, the display has a clean design and all UI elements are arranged for easy reading. The pause feature lets you pause your grind or cancel it altogether with just a push of a button. Just leave the portafilter in the holder, press your desired amount, and watch Faustino dispense fluffy grounds from the chute. If you like the Faustino, but need something a little bigger and more powerful, then the Rocket Macinatore Fausto may be more your speed.

Rocket’s Faustino is certainly pretty to look at, and with its solid features and small footprint, the Faustino can be a good companion on a kitchen counter.


The Rocket Espresso Faustino only stands 15 inches tall, a convenient height for most kitchens and overhanging cabinets.

Stepless Micrometric Adjustment

The Faustino has nearly limitless grind settings for a range of grind sizes. Faustino's micrometric adjustment system only moves the bottom burr for adjustments, so grind settings are saved when cleaning burrs.

Quiet Grinding

Anti-vibration technology makes the grinder quiet. You won't need to worry about disturbing the rest of the house every time you make your morning brew.

Easy-to-Use Controls

A simple touchscreen has all of the controls to pick from a single dose, double dose, manual dosing, and a pause function.


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