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Free Shipping in Canada on Orders over $69* - Commercial Espresso Machines Available


Saeco Magic M2+ Professional Coffee Machine

by Saeco
Original price $4,495.00 - Original price $4,495.00
Original price
$4,495.00 - $4,495.00
Current price $4,495.00
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty 
  • Made In Romania
  • 11.02 in × 18.50 in × 18.93 in - (WxHxD)

Coffee and Style: Magic represents the latest evolution of coffee machines from Saeco Professional. But it is also a machine that marks a clear break with the past. It has new shapes, completely redesigned, and performance at the top of its category interms of quality and variety of beverages. The coffee break becomes from a daily gesture “a way of life” to be lived with style and taste, a moment of true relaxation to pamper yourself while savouring your favourite drink.

Variable Chamber: The heart of Magic is a professional variable chamber unit able to hold from 8.5 to 15g of coffee. The amount of coffee dosed can be adjusted automatically via the menu. The unit has steel conical burrs, which can also be adjusted to obtain your favourite grind setting. The Magic features a new milk frothing system where the milk frother is built into the coffee dispenser. Extremely silent, it emulsifies creamy froth but can also prepare beverages with simple hot milk.

Milk Circuit: The milk circuit is equipped with a patented cleaning system that guarantees the best efficiency after each preparation. The 7’’ colour touch screen provides an easy way for navigating through the menus and a broad range of beverages. The available options alsoinclude flat white and double cappuccino, while the beverage recipes can be fully customized to suit your personal taste. The coffee, milk and water dispensers areinstalled in a single unit. This makes it easier to position the cups and adjust them in height (from 75 to 160 mm), allowing different kinds of containers to be used.


Specification Details
Dimensions (W x H x D) 280 x 470 x 481 mm
Weight 14.8 kg - 15.3 kg (M2+ version)
Colour Silver coating on the front, glossy/matt black details on the machine body, metallic brown on display frame and coffee spout cover, chromed coffee dispensers
Electrical Power Supply 230 V/50 Hz
Power Consumption 1900 W
Hydraulic System Double circuit
Hot Water Outlet Yes
Water Supply Autonomous tank
Water Supply Connection Yes (M2+ version)
Coffee Bean Container 1.2 kg
Water Container 4 l
Drip Container 2 l
Grounds Container (Max) 30
Coffee Group Variable Chamber Capacity 8.5 - 15 gr
Cappuccinatore Yes
High Speed Cappuccino Yes
Coffee Grinder Steel conical burrs
Grinding Adjustment Manual - 8 levels
Coffee Aroma Adjustment Electronic from 8.5 to 15 g, 4 steps
Simultaneous Dispensing of 2 Cups of Coffee Yes
Simultaneous Dispensing of 2 Cups of Cappuccino Yes
Simultaneous Dispensing of 2 Glasses of Latte Macchiato Yes
Height Adjustment of Coffee/Milk Dispenser Yes (75-160 mm)
Payment Systems Yes
MDB Protocol and Saeco Pro.Up Predisposition Yes
LED Lights on Dispensing Area Yes
Touch Screen Yes, 7’’ 1024 x 600 colour
Customizable Recipes Yes