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FREE SHIPPING In Canada On Orders Of $69+ *Remote Areas Excluded


Tostini Compatible Capsule Nespresso Decaffeinated - 50 Count

by Tostini
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Fits the original Nespresso Machine


Decaffeinated is for those who love the taste and body of coffee but prefer or want to give up caffeine.
Pack of 50 capsules.

Dek capsules are made using a decaffeination process performed using water so as to preserve the organoleptic characteristics that distinguish coffee beans. The aroma, intensity and aftertaste remain unchanged so as to enjoy a cup of decaffeinated coffee that has nothing to envy to classic coffee blends. All Dek capsules by Tostini are compatible with Espresso coffee machines, they are also wrapped during the processing process in a protected atmosphere to preserve their taste. **The Nespresso® brand is owned by Nespresso® without any connection with Tostini Srl, nor to companies connected to them.