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FREE SHIPPING In Canada On Orders Of $69+ *Remote Areas Excluded


Victoria Arduino Athena Classic Leva Espresso Machine - 2 Group

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The Adonis is an espresso machine for those who love coffee tradition and modern design. Artfully crafted, the Adonis is the best espresso machine for coffee shops and chains that are looking for a beautiful design, without sacrificing advanced espresso technologies.

Adonis Features

Every detail of the Adonis has been carefully planned and expertly built. The original design of its chrome group heads is a statement of individuality. The fluid shape of the side panels shines with chrome that runs along the perimeter. All the controls have been designed to blend aesthetics and functionality, with particular attention to the ergonomic aspect, to guarantee the barista works in total safety.

  • Volumetric dosing allows 4 doses to be programmed per head.
  • Shot timer built-in function so each brewing head can be timed independently without the need for an external timer.
  • Automatic cleaning allows independent cleaning of each individual group so that washing and taking orders can be carried out simultaneously. 
  • Energy-saving can be programmed to turn the machine on and off at any time desired.
  • Reverse the mirror so that the barista can watch the filter output without bending down.
  • The cool touch steam lever is thermally insulated for a safe and easy way to clean.
  • SIS (Soft Infusion System) guarantees soft and creamy espresso extractions every time. It does this by monitoring pressure in the system and gradually increases this pressure as the extraction process continues. A process that is extremely important when you are looking for the best possible cup.